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Three Reasons Why the Camille Albane Franchise is Taking Off in 2014-2015

Posted Oct 7th, 2014

Premium European hair salon franchise brand is positioned to lead the upscale salon segment in the U.S.

The Camille Albane franchise is advancing quickly in the American market — and turning heads in the process. We’re so much more than just another hair salon franchise on the American fashion scene. Camille Albane is an elite French brand that understands that women want to look the way they feel — dynamic, adventurous, interesting and authentic.

Our one-of-a-kind salons are already opening in the Southwest and Midwest, and we are looking to grow our footprint in metro markets throughout the U.S.

Here are three reasons why the Camille Albane franchise is taking off in 2014-15, and why it’s the perfect time to invest in the brand.

The upscale salon segment lacks a clear franchise leader

With a stable 8-percent-a-year growth rate, the hair salon industry has been in steady demand for decades. Even within this competitive business landscape, Camille Albane stands out in a big way. That’s because there is no clear leader among high-end hair salon franchises in the United States. Much of the segment is fragmented, made up of independent salons that rent chairs to stylists — a business model that handcuffs an owner’s ability to achieve a consistent level of service and results. Although there are a few upscale competitors, including practitioners of the Aveda concept or the Toni & Guy chain, none carries the distinction and attention to detail the Camille Albane franchise brings to the table.

It comes down to this: Camille Albane is positioned to be the leader in the upscale salon segment. Investing in a Camille Albane franchise is a unique opportunity to be a pioneer in the niche.

We have an unparalleled worldwide reputation

Camille Albane has been the dominant upscale hair salon franchise in the European Union since 1994. From Paris to Moscow to Milan, we’re known for treating clients like VIPs and actually creating beauty and fashion styles, rather than just following the latest fads and knock-off trends. We’re backed by a Paris-based parent company with decades of salon franchise experience, and that means we have access to incredible resources, talent and knowledge.

Now, we’re growing the Camille Albane franchise across the United States, and that equals opportunity for forward-thinking franchise buyers. We provide franchisees with a powerful visual brand identity with the backing of our parent company Dessange International’s network of more than 2,000 salons in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our business model is proven and structured for success

Camille Albane relies on a model that is already well-established and has earned a reputation for providing an outstanding customer experience. Our clients build a relationship with Camille Albane, not with individual stylists, because they know they can count on the same luxurious pampering experience every time they come to us. That’s the advantage of being a part of a franchise.

Our line of hair-care products, styling products, make-up and accessories reflects our brand’s spirit, and our “hair-color-make-up” service philosophy is designed to bring out every client’s femininity, boldness, modernity and conviviality. They also create an attractive return on investment for the franchisee. Our clients spend $90 on average, and often upward of $200, per visit. Even in the independently owned premium salons that typically compete with Camille Albane, customers are unlikely to find this level of service on a consistent basis for an average ticket price of $90.

“Other franchises are just ‘cutting salons,’” says John Prichard, who is building five Camille Albane salons in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. “They have a few extra services, but those services are pretty minor. Our guest service and training and development model allows people to step into a full-service hair salon ownership and be well supported and stronger than what I’ve seen from competitors.”

Learn more about Camille Albane

Camille Albane is a hair salon franchise that was founded in Paris 20 years ago and now has nearly 300 salons in 11 countries worldwide. Our salons offer the best and latest in hair care, including fashion-forward styles and cutting-edge systems like the Balayage color technique. We also provide make-up, manicures and pedicures, and an array of customized retail products.

Unlike salon franchises that merely follow the latest fashions, the Camille Albane franchise sets the trends, releasing two new collections each year in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week. We’re seeking franchisees who love design and understand the upscale salon niche to help us grow our brand in the United States. To find out more about Camille Albane franchise opportunities, please explore our research pages and our blog. Fill out this form or call us at 855-821-2436 to start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you!

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