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The Camille Albane Salon Franchise Model Is Loaded with Positives

Posted Mar 23rd, 2016

From solid ROI to branded products, the business is packed with ways to carve out a market niche and create a reliable revenue stream

The $75 billion beauty industry doesn’t lack for competition or for fresh, new ideas. Even so, a Camille Albane salon franchise is different in so many ways that it bears a closer look.

“First, Camille Albane is bringing the concept of French beauty to the United States,” explains Lori Merrall, Director of Franchise Sales and Development. “The spa robes, the coffee, tea and pastries … the little details that make every visit feel like a mini spa day. It’s far more than a customer would get from a value salon, but isn’t the extremely high-dollar ticket and time commitment of a day spa. Camille Albane is a mid-range salon, and that’s a niche that simply doesn’t exist in the franchise space.”


Building on industry benefits

Opening a Camille Albane salon franchise allows the owner to tap into the beauty industry’s many positives: a stable, recession-resistant business, for one. From there, the Camille Albane positives really come into play.

“We are an expanding brand, so our owners are actively encouraged to look for more than one good location in their territories,” Lori says. “This allows someone to really create a footprint in their community. And every Camille Albane salon quickly becomes a portfolio asset because of good word-of-mouth that leads to steady bookings.”

What’s more, she adds, Camille Albane’s “manage the manager” model means that your staff includes a Salon Manager with salon management skills to complement your business acumen.

“Every Camille Albane salon franchise owner gets a tremendous amount of training, but he or she doesn’t have to run the salon on their own,” Lori says. “Rather, we have built a business around having a very strong manager who handles the day-to-day salon operations, allowing the owner the ability to focus more on the bottom line, business performance and growth strategy, making it possible to also manage the other businesses he or she may own. Having a solid performer that doesn’t require micromanagement is a solid part of any diverse business portfolio.”

The look and feel of a Camille Albane salon franchise is unlike anything U.S. customers have experienced.

Differentiators boost bottom line

Then there are the many other unique aspects of a Camille Albane salon franchise to consider. There’s an entire line of branded products for stylists to upsell, including Natural Pigma, our proprietary, in-home color retention shampoo. That gives them higher tickets, and the salon sees a healthier bottom line.

“Now add to that our no-foil coloring system, Balayage, and you have something else to market,” Lori notes. “On top of that, you have what’s probably our biggest and most visible offering: annual collections.”

Those direct-from-Paris events happen twice a year, when European trainers visit every salon with the latest trend-right cuts, colors and makeup from the Paris runways. Bottom line? A customer can come in with the latest fashion magazine and leave looking like the cover model.

“Customers love the many things they can only get at Camille Albane, and that translates into high retention and frequent visits,” Lori says. “Owners love that it’s a business that fits in well with their other properties and offers both in-store and in-market growth through additional locations. There aren’t this many high-margin, low-risk opportunities in the business world, so it’s easy to see why so many people are giving a Camille Albane salon franchise a serious look.”

Learn more about the Camille Albane franchise opportunity

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