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Salon Franchise CEO Talks About Camille Albane’s Brand Identity

Posted May 22nd, 2014

French salon franchise will blaze a new path in the U.S.

Camille Albane is a French salon franchise that is planning to expand the concept in franchised salons across the country. Our company is owned by Dessange International, which also owns the affordable unisex salon franchise Fantastic Sams.

Allyson King

Allyson King

CEO Allyson King sat down with “Modern Salon” to talk about how Camille Albane is establishing a brand identity apart from our parent and sister companies. Here is an excerpt from her interview on

Modern Salon: How do the markets served by the three salon divisions of Dessange differ?

Allyson King: The three salon groups have three different approaches and serve three distinct types of clients and professionals.

Dessange has a very strict protocol for achieving the Dessange experience. The woman who visits a Dessange salon in Russia or France or the U.S. expects the exact same experience: total French luxury and attention to detail. The salons are departmentalized, and professionals are trained in the latest techniques of their specialty. Dessange offers the ultimate luxury, and each woman is made as beautiful as she can be. Every person in a Dessange salon is focused on giving the client the best experience. I fell asleep during a Dessange massage — something that has never happened before.

Camille Albane is also about the French touch, but with more of an urban, sassy chic approach. This client wants to be the most beautiful version of herself, but is busy, professional and mostly young — I think of the “Sex in the City” women. Camille Albane salons offer special touches. It is not a nail salon, but if a client wants a quick manicure, it is available.

Fantastic Sams is a value brand and serves a large number of male clients, which Dessange and Camille Albane do not. Many stylists are newer grads, but the company has an excellent training foundation to keep Fantastic Sams stylists interested and engaged and to build their confidence.

MS: How has the purchase of Fantastic Sams affected that company and Dessange?

AK: The coming together of a very high-end French salon group and a value-priced salon franchise has created a totally unique franchising opportunity with three levels of salon service and experience for clients and three opportunity levels for franchisees and professionals. Fantastic Sams benefits from Dessange’s 60-year global reputation for luxury beauty and service. Fantastic Sams has 40 years of experience in hairdressing and franchising success. The union makes the whole Dessange family stronger.

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