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Natural Pigma Shampoo Gives Camille Albane Salon Franchises an Edge in Keeping Color Clients Coming Back

Posted Jun 13th, 2016

Custom-branded products available only at salon locations help boost ticket sales and increase revenue by generating repeat business

Once someone finds a shampoo or conditioner they like, they stick with it. Knowing that, every Camille Albane salon franchise owner makes sure that his or her shelves always have plenty of Natural Pigma, an in-home color-retaining shampoo, and more on hand.

“Camille Albane succeeds because we provide the French beauty experience, which is unlike what a client will find at other upscale mid-range salons in the market,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “That means attention to detail, such as providing a comfortable robe, coffee and tea, and pastries. On the beauty side, it also means offering a full line of hair care and styling products, as well as cosmetics, which are only available at Camille Albane salons. The beauty industry is growing rapidly in the United States now, and we are poised to take advantage of that.”

Pigma Colors

Every Camille Albane salon franchise offers Natural Pigma, a color-retention shampoo made in France specifically for Camille Albane.

Branded products drive repeat business

A customer favorite and leader in product sales is Natural Pigma, Camille Albane’s in-home, color-retention shampoo. The product helps keep color fresh longer; it draws rave reviews from stylists and clients alike. It’s an easy upsell to a client who’s getting a cut and color, and it often opens the door to other recommendations.

“This is one of the best shampoos for treated hair on the market, and it’s only available in a Camille Albane salon franchise,” Linda explains. “Couple that with our other styling products, as well as the full makeup line we offer, and you begin to see the potential in our differentiators. Add in the twice-annual collections, where new cuts, colors and products come from Paris to the United States, and the value just explodes in terms of consumer interest, new and repeat business.”


‘Wraparound’ service generates client loyalty

Clients value the time they spend at a Camille Albane salon franchise. Many think of it as a “mini oasis” in the middle of a hectic day or week, and they enjoy the collaboration they develop with a stylist over time. Having that trusted partnership in place, and then augmenting it with exciting new looks and products, only cements that relationship over time.

“Once someone has been to a Camille Albane salon, they will be a customer for life,” Linda says. “There are so many ways to build that client loyalty, and we maximize every one of them. The positive experience also helps in terms of word of mouth, because when someone sees a great, trend-right cut and color, they want to know where it happened — and our clients are only too happy to tell them!”

Camille Albane is one of the largest European hair salon franchises and is the first to bring authentic French beauty services to the United States. With nearly 300 salons in more than 11 countries, Camille Albane is known for its upscale customer experience, Balayage color techniques and for creating fashion-forward trends rather than just following the latest fads. The Camille Albane franchise fills a wide-open niche between value salon brands and high-priced luxury brands.

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