Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

We stack the deck for success with high-level experience

Inside one of our hair cut franchises

The only way to become a trendsetter is by establishing a reputation over a long period of time, and that’s something Camille Albane has achieved in Paris over the past 20 years. We value the frequent technical training of our stylists that prepares them to deliver the elite salon experience our customers expect. We pioneered the Balayage color technique, a method of hand-painting the hair without foil to achieve more natural-looking results. Almost all of the salon industry’s growth is centered around color, so it’s crucial that our stylists stay abreast of the latest innovations.

Just as we make sure our staff gets the training they need, we also want to ensure that our franchisees have the safety net they need to build and grow a successful franchise. We’ve got an impressive team of experienced leaders at the helm. Our brand relies on the expertise and guidance provided by our parent company, Dessange International, whose oldest brand has 60 years of salon franchising experience.

What is a collection?

One of the most unique elements of the Camille Albane salon franchise is our commitment to producing biannual collections. Internationally, we work with the creative artisans behind Paris Fashion Week to release cohesive collections in the spring and in the fall that are the epicenter of our brand marketing.

We create nine unique looks with three models, incorporating the hairstyles, color and make-up trends that will be on point for that season.

We set the trends. We don’t follow them.

In the U.S., our marketing team creates elements that are useful for franchisees. We provide them with a marketing portal with the appropriate messaging and branding tools, including business cards, in-salon materials, VIP gift cards and more. We help franchisees coordinate fashion shows with local fashion-forward boutiques to debut the collections, which helps establish us as a style icon in the franchisee’s individual market.

See how Camille Albane rises above other hair cut franchises!“The trends inspire them to be able to create their own looks,” says Ruth Swanson, Vice President of Marketing.

Our marketing efforts, which are targeted toward the modern client who’s looking for an elite salon experience, help drive brand awareness and draw customers. We also help our franchisees select great local P.R. firms, along with the most connected style bloggers in the community, to help our owners build buzz leading up to their salons’ grand openings and soft launches.

Camille Albane salon franchise is in a great space at a great time. Together with our parent company, Dessange International, and sister brands Dessange Paris and Fantastic Sams, we have a breadth of experience that spans some 60 years and 2,000-plus salon franchises.

Our brand is undeniably different in the U.S. salon franchise space. With our focus on a luxurious customer experience, our fashion-forward techniques, our connection to Paris and our ability to generate profit, there’s nothing else like Camille Albane for your investment dollars. To learn more, please click the button below.