Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

Our beauty salon franchises help every woman be the most beautiful version of herself

A woman showcases blonde, curly hair with dark roots.

At Camille Albane, we don’t follow trends. We make them. That’s the expectation our clients have of us, and our services are catered toward that fashion-forward client who isn’t afraid to be ahead of the curve.

Although we have male clients, too, our typical customer is a woman between 25 and 45 years old, is successful and sophisticated and knows who she is. She comes to Camille Albane not to look like someone else, but to look like the best version of herself. While our average ticket price is $90, many of our clients spend twice that much or more.

Because of our exclusive product line, our commitment to the customer experience and our wide array of services, Camille Albane offers our franchisees multiple streams of revenue.

Our beauty salon franchise model

Our line of hair-care products, styling products, make-up and accessories reflect our brand’s spirit and our “hair-color-make-up” service philosophy designed to bring out every client’s femininity, boldness, modernity and conviviality.

Hair: Our salons offer the best and latest in hair care – fashion-forward styles; defrizzing treatments; extensions; highlights, touch-ups and all-over color. We specialize in the Balayage color treatment, which was pioneered by Dessange Paris and results in a more natural color for the customer. Camille Albane stylists are highly educated in the latest skills and take classes from our Paris-trained educators at least twice a year.

Beauty salon franchise retail lineMake-up: Licensed cosmetologists expertly apply a client’s make-up on every visit and then allow her to buy the products so she can reproduce the look at home. The line, refreshed twice a year, includes eye shadow, mascara, bronzer, lipstick and nail polish in a palette that closely reflects leading fashion trends. Our make-up is highly pigmented for long-lasting wear and is manufactured in Italy to our professional specifications.

Nails: Fewer things in life feel more like a luxury than a manicure/pedicure. It’s even more special when a client can also get her hair and make-up done at every appointment. Camille Albane produces an exclusive line of nail lacquer that coordinates with the seasonally updated collection of styles, colors and cosmetics.

Retail products: Camille Albane knows clients want to look great between visits, so we’ve created an upscale product line designed to make that easy. Our hair-care products are formulated and packaged in Brittany, France, to our unique professional specifications. The Camille Albane, Phytodess and custom-blended Pigma lines are targeted treatments for every hair type, with ingredients ranging from natural mineral products to henna-based color optimizers. We also offer nutrition-enhanced facial masques and shea and keratin restorative treatments.

We import all our products from France to the U.S and distribute them to our salons.

Camille Albane's beauty salon franchising features imported beauty products from France

Who is our ideal customer?

Research our beauty salon franchisingCamille Albane’s French heritage and 20-year legacy of excellence in global beauty brings chic and trendy hair and make-up looks straight from Paris. As a member of the Dessange International group of salon franchises, we are internationally recognized for our elite expertise in styling and coloring techniques.

Our stylists collaborate with our sophisticated urban clients to create a style that uniquely conveys each woman’s personality boldly through beauty. Our high average retention rate of 60%-70% works in our franchisees’ favor.

Women who color their hair visit a salon, on average, every six weeks. Camille Albane’s exceptional services build customer loyalty and keep those customers coming back to our franchisees. Since the average Camille Albane ticket is $90, those repeat visits add up quickly to produce a strong revenue stream for owners.

Since our exciting concept is new to the United States, we can’t yet put together an average earnings report to demonstrate the revenue potential of our salons, and regulations prevent us from sharing projections based on Camille Albane’s success in Europe. We do, however, invite you to contact our multi-unit investors here in the United States who are developing or have already opened the first Camille Albane franchises here. They can tell you about their expectations and financial performance.

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