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Our franchise hair salons work best in urban, high-end shopping areas

Just like our customers, we are particular about our image at Camille Albane, and image and location are inextricably linked in business success. That’s why we emphasize finding just the right spots for our upscale salons when new franchisees come on board.

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Our business model works well in urban areas with a population of 100,000 or more, where there’s a certain density of middle- and upper-income households. A Camille Albane salon works best in or near high-end shopping areas that draw customers who have a lot of disposable income. Our franchises do well in areas that include local upscale boutiques, stores like Nordstrom and J. Crew and upmarket retailers like Anthropologie, Coach and Tiffany’s.

Best locations for our franchise hair salon

The salon footprint tends to be about 1,400 square feet. If you can build out your salon in an area that draws people with average household incomes of $85,000 or higher, depending on the geographic region, you’ll be starting your franchise from a position of strength.

We go where the customer goes

Part of finding the right location is scouting the lifestyle shopping areas that appeal to our target demographic, which helps us intersect with the customers we want. Our support team helps franchisees pinpoint the best locations to start new salons; reviewing and rating site selections. We work with customer analytics experts Buxton to help narrow down the right real estate for our franchise owners.

John Prichard, who opened the first of his five planned Camille Albane franchise salons in July 2014, knew it was important to find an accessible site with ample parking in the northwest Minneapolis suburb of Maple Grove. The right mix of retail neighbors won’t work if the area is difficult to get in and out of.

A brunette wearing a black top showcase a curled up-do that incorporates a red highlight in her bangs.

“Camille Albane is going to work best in communities that have strong demographics, particularly for women from their 20s to their 50s, coupled with really strong retail offerings,” says John, an experienced salon franchise owner who also operates 27 Fantastic Sams salons. “Our first location is really quite a mixture. There’s Schuler Shoes, a good quality local retailer; Chico’s; Anthropologie; Banana Republic; Brooks Brothers; Pottery Barn. We’re just a couple of blocks from The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes [an upscale urban retail center].

“We also look at average household income, and the franchisor did some demographic analysis for us. In that area the family household income is in the $90,000-plus range. That’s certainly important, but there are areas that are a little lower than that average income but draw from a wider area. That could easily work, too.”

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