Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

A passion for style is great, but business experience is better

Many people have a misconception that you must have hairstyling or fashion industry experience in order to achieve success in the hair salon franchise segment. That’s simply not the case. The most relevant experience you could have is running or managing a business.

Dessange Franchise is the parent company of Camille Albane

We’re excited about our impending growth in the U.S. Camille Albane has been a successful franchise in Europe for 20 years, and we are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping us grow this brand. This is a unique opportunity to be a pioneer because in the upscale salon niche, there is no clear franchise leader. Most competitors are independently owned salons or small local chains. In salon franchising, the brands tend to congregate at the lower end of the segment, concentrating on discount haircutting and convenience.

The Camille Albane brand is new to America, and we are seeking franchise candidates who love design and understand the opportunity available to dominate the upscale salon franchise niche. Much of the high-end salon business is fragmented, made up of businesses that rent out chairs to stylists — a business model that handcuffs an owner’s ability to achieve a consistent level of services and results.

Our approach relies on a brand model that is already well-established and has earned a reputation for providing an outstanding customer experience. Our clients build a relationship with Camille Albane, not with individual stylists, because they know they can count on the same luxurious pampering experience every time they come to us. That’s the advantage of being a part of a franchise.

You're among friends by purchasing a Camille Albane franchise for sale!

The right franchise candidate for Camille Albane is someone who has to be on the cutting edge, someone who wants to be first. Our brand offers you a chance to be a real pioneer in this industry and be part of brand-building on a national level. An understanding of how to build brand awareness is a definite plus.

The startup costs for a Camille Albane franchise are typically about $350,000, and franchise candidates should have a minimum liquidity of $90,000 and a net worth of at least $350,000. Investors have a chance to buy in for about the same price as the discount hair-cutters but with the opportunity to earn more. Our average ticket is about $90, and we offer color services that customers want updated every four to six weeks. If you owned a discount cut-only salon, you would need three or four times the number of customers to make the same volume.

Is multi-unit ownership possible?

As Camille Albane expands across the country, we are looking for a team of empire-builders to help us grow. We have already proven, during our 20 years of franchising around the globe with 300-plus units, that we can successfully scale a high-end salon concept. We welcome candidates who share that vision.

John Prichard is a great example of that type of candidate. “I don’t think in terms of a salon or two — I think in terms of an entire market,” he says. John already owned 27 salons with Fantastic Sams, one of our sister brands under parent company Dessange International, when he opened his first Camille Albane salon in Minneapolis in July 2014. He has plans in the works for four more Camille Albane salons in the area over the next four years.

He and his wife, Patti, learned the value of being a part of a franchise brand with Fantastic Sams. That gave them the confidence to venture into a different part of the salon franchise segment with our more upscale brand. Besides confidence, John says, the key is a business background.

“There are a number of types of people who can do this well,” he says. “Somebody who’s stronger in some areas, like marketing or hair salon operations, but who understands what he or she doesn’t have can hire the right business professional.”

Camille Albane has a multi-unit franchisee launching our brand in Dallas, and other multi-pack deals are pending. We have the experience, the systems and the support in place. The only thing we lack is you.

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