Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

Extraordinary guest services set Camille Albane hair franchises a world apart

The pampering, relaxation and satisfaction a client encounters at a Camille Albane salon is usually only found at much pricier salons — salons that charge $200 or more for a haircut, more than twice what Camille Albane charges. It’s one of the important ways Camille Albane stands out.

In addition to setting fashion trends, rather than following them as most salons do, our franchises offer consistently outstanding customer service to everyone who walks through our doors.

Our mission is to make every woman feel special, whether she’s coming in for a unique Balayage color treatment, updating her style based on our twice-yearly trend-setting collections or having her make-up done for a special event. We have created a unique experience that builds customer loyalty to the Camille Albane brand, which drives revenues for our franchisees.

A woman's face showcases red-tinted eyebrows, red lips, blue eyeshadow and purple shadow liner under the eyes; her head is tilted to one side with her hair slicked back; hand on her forehead and her nails painted yellow.

Customer service is an increasingly rare commodity, so exceptional service stands out. Camille Albane focuses on providing a level of attention that people value and are willing to pay more for. This translates into more potential income for our franchise owners, because they’ll need fewer customers to achieve profitability.

How our customer experience is better

The French fashion industry is known for its attention to detail. Haute couture — custom-tailored outfits sewn by hand — originated in Paris, and from an early age the French are taught that the small details matter.

This is the philosophy at the base of our customer experience. Consider what a client can expect: When they walk in the door, they are approached by a personal assistant who will take their bags and their coat, slip them into a clean robe that is pulled from a sealed plastic bag, offer them a seat, a magazine, an espresso or tea and a French chocolate or cookie.

Get styled in comfort at the Camille Albane hair franchises

The customer will talk with their stylist for 15 to 20 minutes about their personality, their lifestyle and what they are seeking in a signature look. The stylist will consider the client’s bone structure and eye shape and think about what will most flatter her face and body type. After deciding what look is best, the stylist hands the client over to the personal assistant, who will escort them to the shampoo area.

Here, the customer will recline in an incredibly comfortable custom-ordered Shiatsu massage chair while their scalp is massaged with a floral essence and their hair is cleansed over an imported Italian sink. If the customer is female — and most of our customers are — a towel is arranged into the shape of a flower over her wet hair. She is offered a manicure and pedicure using Camille Albane’s latest color palette, determined by the biannual collection. She rejoins her stylist, who applies the color, skillfully cuts her hair and styles it to perfection. Before she leaves, her make-up is touched up by a licensed cosmetologist.

If the client has received a color treatment, the stylist will offer to mix a custom blend of our exclusive Pigma shampoo, which is designed to maintain and refresh hair color until the customer’s next visit. The stylist will share what other products were used and offer the client the opportunity to purchase them so they can maintain their look at home.

See why she chose us over an Aveda Franchise or Toni and Guy FranchiseFinally, the customer is helped back into their coat as the staff arranges their next appointment and bids them farewell, leaving the customer refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

The two to three hours a customer spends with us is important to her. We’re deliver an incredible experience.

Rising above competitors like the Aveda franchise and Toni and Guy franchise

Even in the independently owned premium salons that typically compete with Camille Albane, customers are unlikely to find this level of service on a consistent basis for an average ticket price of $90. With that higher ticket price, franchisees can earn more with fewer units.

The premium salon franchise market isn’t very competitive because most franchises are on the discount end, typically in cut-only salons. The full-service Camille Albane franchises work hard to maintain a luxury feel, relying on more skilled stylists who update their skill set at least twice a year with classes taught by our Paris-trained educators.

Even upscale salon franchise brands like Aveda or Toni & Guy can’t offer the same cachet as the Parisian-born Camille Albane, backed by a parent company with decades of salon franchise experience and more than 2,000 units combined worldwide. Our exclusive product lines, our pioneering techniques and our ongoing commitment to consistently excellent customer service put us in the leadership position.

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