Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

How did our salon franchises become the largest in Europe?

If you’ve been to Paris, Milan, London or Moscow, you’ve probably seen Camille Albane salons. With nearly 300 locations in 11 countries, we’ve been the dominant upscale salon in the European Union since 1994.

Camille Albane: salon franchising founder

Camille Albane

It all started with one very talented stylist. Camille Albane, our salon’s namesake, was born Jeanne Dereux in Avignon in the south of France. She graduated from secondary school after studying philosophy and then decided to pursue a lifelong dream – she enrolled in hairstyling school in Marseille.

At the age of 20, she moved to Paris and very quickly became the most sought-after hairdresser on the Left Bank. She worked with master hairstylist Jacques Dessange, founder of Dessange Paris. In 1970, he helped her open her first salon in the Rue Bonaparte, where photographers, editors, stylists, artists and writers gathered in a chic and friendly atmosphere. In 1994, as a result of her success, Camille Albane became a separate franchise brand. Within four years, the group had 90 salons.

Over the years we have earned a reputation as a place where a woman can go not only to update and maintain her style, but also to be treated like a VIP. Our upscale salon franchises celebrate the expression of every client’s unique beauty through hair, make-up, nail services and retail products.

We are internationally recognized for our fashion-forward techniques, innovative proprietary products and client-centered salon operations. From our annual Prestige Show during Paris Fashion Week to our trend-setting biannual collections, we know how to inspire and connect with our connected and chic clientele. Our salon franchise offers something unique.

What is Dessange?

In 1954 a young stylist from Sologne, France, opened his first salon on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Jacques Dessange was passionate about celebrating feminine beauty with his avant-garde vision. He elevated hairstyling into artistry, and he taught everyone in his employ how to unlock the sophistication inside every woman.

Sixty years later, with Jacques’ son Benjamin Dessange at the helm, the French salon is much sought after for its signature look and is a leader in the luxury and cosmetics industries. Dessange International sets the tone for the biannual collections, whose distribution is shared by Camille Albane.

Benjamin Dessange, leader of the Dessange salon franchises

Fabian Fieschi and Benjamin Dessange

Today, Dessange International oversees a family of salon franchises that includes:

Three salon franchises under one umbrellaDessange Paris: The premium-luxury brand Dessange Paris is for women of a certain age who want to achieve the signature Dessange Paris look and have the means to keep it up. Dessange Paris is known for pioneering the innovative hair-painting process known as Balayage, which results in a more natural hair color than traditional foil highlights. Dessange Paris has 400-plus salons worldwide.

Camille Albane: Our upscale Camille Albane franchises number nearly 300 in 11 countries. In addition to our flagship store on Boston’s fashionable Newbury Street, 10 more Camille Albane salons in Minneapolis and Dallas are open or in development.

Fantastic Sams: This 40-year-old affordable, full-service salon franchise is the largest of its kind in the U.S. and was acquired by Dessange International in 2012. The Fantastic Sams brand provides cuts, color and waxing services and caters to men, women and children. The nearly 1,100-unit chain is expanding its already-extensive reach in the U.S.

The combined locations of Dessange Paris, Fantastic Sams and Camille Albane salons total nearly 2,000 around the globe, and our story doesn’t end here. We hope you’re excited to learn more about the opportunities to join Camille Albane and the larger Dessange Group North America family of franchise owners in the U.S. To find out more about the benefits of salon ownership, please click on the button below.