Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

Experts see a promising future for hair franchising based on years of study growth

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The hair-care salon industry is a $75 billion-a-year industry that is growing at about 8% a year. In good times and bad, hair grows. Hair goes gray. Older clients want to look younger, and younger clients want to look more sophisticated. Today’s modern urban woman craves a few hours of solace in a space where she can be pampered and catered to while achieving a look that is uniquely her own. Most salon franchises are clustered toward the discount sector, so the upscale salon category has much less competition. All these things make our business secure, stable, profitable and positioned for the long haul.

While we are new to the U.S., Camille Albane has been the dominant upscale salon franchise brand in the European Union since 1994, and we have nearly 300 locations in 16 countries.

“This is a category that will never go away,” says Ruth Swanson, Vice President of Marketing. “It will always take one-on-one personal skill. It can’t be automated, and it can’t be outsourced.”

In an industry that will always be in demand, Camille Albane stands out. We are poised to become the leader in the upscale salon segment, and as part of parent company Dessange International, we are backed by more than six decades of experience in the salon franchising industry.

How does Camille Albane compete?

We cater to a specific demographic of customers who live in sophisticated urban areas and are drawn to upscale shopping areas. As one of the rare premium salon franchises, we provide a consistently excellent level of customer service that independently owned salons can’t always duplicate. Over our decades in business, we have developed protocols for how every guest is treated, creating a demand for our services that breeds brand loyalty.

Grow with Camille Albane hair franchising

Our salons pay attention to the extra details. Our shampoo bowls are imported from Italy. We serve a custom blend of espresso. Our exclusive line of hair-care products gives clients the results they crave between salon visits, while driving up sales for franchisees. The Camille Albane woman knows she can count on a few hours of luxury at her appointment, and she is willing to pay for that level of service. Our ability to consistently duplicate that guest experience gives us an edge in the marketplace.

We are seeking experienced entrepreneurs with a passion for people and a love of the fashion and beauty industry. No previous salon experience is required. Read more about why Camille Albane is a leader in our segment by clicking below.