Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

Hair Salons are a Stable Business Investment

Posted Apr 11th, 2016

Even in a down economy, the beauty industry is able to post consistent revenue thanks to consumers’ ongoing desire to keep up appearances

A great cut and color can be a real game-changing experience for someone who’s facing challenges. That’s why Camille Albane salon franchise owners have reported steady business, and why the beauty industry in general is a good business bet.

“When someone is in the job market, they’re going to beef up their interview wardrobe and make sure their hair looks great,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “Appearances count, and that’s why people will spend on a cut and color, as well as styling and beauty products, even if they’re cutting back elsewhere.”


Every Camille Albane salon franchise offers a full line of cosmetics made in France specifically for Camille Albane

Camille Albane prices, services appeal

Because of its attention to detail and spa-like atmosphere, a Camille Albane salon franchise appeals to those looking for a little escape, as well.

“We pioneered the mid-range salon experience, so people won’t be breaking the bank when they visit us,” Linda says. “They know they’ll be in a place that’s warm and inviting, and that they will get some much-needed pampering. Because our stylists offer the latest in trend-right cuts and colors, they know they’ll leave looking great. Just that time to relax and unwind, and then the ego boost of a whole new look, are really wonderful things to offer our guests.”


Product refresh means business stability

Because every Camille Albane salon franchise gets our exclusive line of made-in-France products, as well as twice-annual collections direct from France, there’s no danger of going stale. That means stylists are always able to offer something new to clients, which keeps both them and the clients happy. End result? Low staff turnover, higher ticket totals and a steady book of business.

“What the Camille Albane salon franchise offers entrepreneurs is the chance to capitalize on an idea that has no comparable in the U.S. market,” Linda says. “There’s no one else out there offering the type of products and services we are, who has that exclusivity and French background. That makes our salons a destination for consumers no matter what the economy is doing, which means a steady, predictable revenue stream for franchise owners.”

Learn more about the Camille Albane franchise opportunity

For in-depth details about the Camille Albane hair salon franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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