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Convert Your Hair Salon to a Camille Albane Franchise

Camille Albane Franchise: Why Convert Your Salon

Camille Albane hair salon franchise

John and Patti Prichard opened their first Camille Albane hair salon franchise in Maple Grove, Minnesota, in 2014.

Salon owners are smart, successful businesspeople. They also are gifted stylists who greatly enjoy interacting with customers and bringing new cuts, colors and products to their clientele.

Unfortunately, they seldom get the chance to enjoy both aspects of their career. Either the business is taking so much time that the owner has little, if any time to devote to actually working with clients, or his or her book is so full that they spend all day as a stylist, and then try to keep the operational side of the salon going after hours. In short, it’s a recipe for burnout long before ever getting the business to the next level.

This is why becoming a Camille Albane franchise salon can provide the best of both worlds. Here’s how:

camille albane salon franchise

Customer service is an increasingly rare commodity, so exceptional service stands out. The Camille Albane salon franchise focuses on providing a level of attention that people value and are willing to pay more for.

Make more money

Camille Albane franchise owners take a commission of close to 50 percent of what each stylist earns on each client, as well as a percentage of all product sales. Because Camille Albane clients’ per-ticket prices tend to be high: an average of $90 a visit, rising to as much as $200. Higher price points and customer volume create a steady source of revenue that is vastly superior to what most owners make from chair rentals and their own book of business.

Special incentives for current salon owners

The Camille Albane franchise fee is reduced from $40K to $20K – a 50% discount which saves you a ton.
Your franchise royalties are reduced to the following scheduleso you can ease into the franchise business and pay royalties as you grow your revenues:

  • Year one: 2.5% of net sales.
  • Year Two.  3% of net sales.
  • Year 3-10.  4% of net sales.

Build client relationships

Camille Albane owners also get to build a relationship with all their customers, thanks to a database kept on each visitor. Cut and color preferences, along with preferred products, is at an owner’s fingertips.

This knowledge is power: Usually when a stylist leaves a salon, he or she takes a significant part of the customer base. If a stylist leaves a Camille Albane salon, the owner has a better than even chance of retaining that customer because the stylist’s new setup isn’t going to offer the Camille Albane experience. Stylists also must sign a non-compete within a three-mile radius of the Camille Albane salon as well, so even if they do leave the owner knows that new competition isn’t going to spring up next door.


World-class training

By bringing in world-class, professional stylists and trainers to discuss new European techniques, as well as how to deliver the new spring and fall collections put out by Camille Albane every year, an owner’s salon is always fashion forward. Camille Albane covers this training; all the owner and his or her staff have to do is show up. The No. 1 reason clients leave a salon is that the products and cuts have grown stale. New cuts, colors and Camille Albane-branded products keep everything fresh, with no risk to the owner.

Becoming a Camille Albane owner is a wise move for the stylist who wants to grow as an artist, but also build a successful, long-term business.

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