Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

Camille Albane Salon Franchises Offer the Next Level of Business Success

Posted Jun 7th, 2016

A salon with unique, branded products and services is a solid addition to a local business portfolio that has proven successful for its owners

No matter how successful a business person is, he or she always has an eye out for something new and different. Diversifying a portfolio is a sure-fire way to grow revenue and value, and a Camille Albane salon franchise can accomplish that goal.

One of Europe’s best-known salon franchise opportunities, Camille Albane is new to the United States. That means the savvy entrepreneur can get in on the ground floor with this exciting brand. The result? A new, successful addition to other businesses in the owner’s portfolio.


Every Camille Albane salon franchise carries an exclusive array of hair and beauty products.

Multiple differentiators will boost revenues

“The upscale salon market in America can be crowded, especially in large urban areas with many independent operators,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “Even so, Camille Albane’s many differentiators make it a solid investment.”

No other salon franchise in this country has the concept of French beauty going for them, with its attention to detail that creates a relaxing, customized salon experience — not to mention a branded line of hair color, styling products and cosmetics that are very popular with clients. And then there are the collections.

“Twice a year we bring in a full collection that includes the hottest cuts, colors and makeup, and the trainers to show stylists how it’s all done,” Linda explains. “These are the latest looks, fresh from Paris. These styles sometimes aren’t even in fashion magazines yet! No one else has anything that even comes close to being this fashion-forward, and it’s something that a smart Camille Albane salon franchise owner markets relentlessly. Every collection’s arrival draws in a lot of new clients.”


Strong backing ensures market success

As a part of Dessange International, which operates the world-famous Dessange Paris luxury salons as well as the Camille Albane salon franchise brand, owners are able to tap into the collections and much more. This means opening a business that not is only unique to the local market, but at the same time has well-established operations that help keep costs down and revenue up.

“Opening a Camille Albane salon franchise is the best of both worlds for a business professional who’s looking to grow his or her local presence in a new, innovative way,” Linda says. “You get to bring a remarkable, new salon name and suite of services to the community, and you’re supported by an internationally known name in the beauty industry. All systems — from point of sale to inventory restocking — are already in place, so the owners can focus on growing this and their other businesses successfully.”

Camille Albane is one of the largest European hair salon franchises and is the first to bring authentic French beauty services to the United States. With nearly 300 salons in more than 11 countries, Camille Albane is known for its upscale customer experience, Balayage color techniques and for creating fashion-forward trends rather than just following the latest fads. The Camille Albane franchise fills a wide-open niche between value salon brands and high-priced luxury brands.

Learn more about the Camille Albane franchise opportunity

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