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Camille Albane Salon Franchise Appeals to the Established Business Owner

Posted Jun 2nd, 2016

Innovative salon model allows experienced entrepreneurs to add a unique offering with solid backing to their operations portfolio

Building a network of successful businesses takes time, as well as a lot of hard work. Along the way owners learn many valuable lessons, all of which come into play when they evaluate a Camille Albane salon franchise.

Entrepreneurs who have built a chain of independent or franchise businesses know the value of having something unique to offer,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “They want to bring a new opportunity to the community, but at the same time they want to feel confident that the money they’re investing isn’t at risk. Camille Albane checks off both of those boxes.”

Camille Albane ticket price

Collections, products create unique offering

One way Camille Albane stands out is through our branded line of coloring, hair care and cosmetic products. Independent mid-range salons may carry plenty of national brand products, but our branded products are only available at our salon franchises, so clients must return to Camille Albane to purchase their favorites.

“Every Camille Albane salon franchise offers the French beauty experience, which is highlighted by attention to detail, but that’s just one differentiator,” Linda says. “We perfected the Balayage coloring process. We bring in collections, direct from Paris, twice a year, and we offer the training to recreate those looks with clients right away. No one else in the market, even the high-end day spas that offer hair and makeup services, can offer that.”


The Camille Albane salon franchise look and feel is unlike anything in the U.S. upscale salon market.

Full franchise support from Dessange

Smart entrepreneurs know that differentiation is extremely valuable. They also know that a single, independent business faces a lot of challenges in establishing back-office operations that can be time-consuming and costly. Thanks to the system-wide support offered by parent company Dessange Group North America, every Camille Albane salon franchise owner can tap into a support system that maximizes economies of scale.

“We have the point-of-sale and accounting systems set up, as well as inventory control and other functions, so that the owner isn’t having to build all that from the ground up,” Linda says. “Some of our salon owners have a large portfolio of other interests, and their goal with a Camille Albane salon franchise is to bring something innovative and trend-right to the community. We enable them to do that without having to reinvent the wheel. It’s a solid partnership from day one.”

Camille Albane is one of the largest European hair salon franchises and is the first to bring authentic French beauty services to the United States. With nearly 300 salons in more than 11 countries, Camille Albane is known for its upscale customer experience, Balayage color techniques and for creating fashion-forward trends rather than just following the latest fads. The Camille Albane franchise fills a wide-open niche between value salon brands and high-priced luxury brands.

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