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Camille Albane Hair Salon Franchise Launches New Franchise Development Website in U.S.

Posted Sep 25th, 2014

The leading Parisian hair salon franchise is expanding the brand across America

The Paris-based Camille Albane salon franchise is expanding across the U.S.

The Paris-based Camille Albane salon franchise is expanding across the U.S.

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new franchising website,, which features a Q&A with our first American franchisee, video interviews with the Camille Albane leadership team, startup cost information and details about the industry and what separates Camille Albane from our competitors.

Here at Camille Albane, we are on an exciting mission to spread our 20-year-old Parisian brand across the U.S. We built our flagship store in Boston in 2013 on fashionable Newbury Street, and we have already signed agreements to open five salons each in Dallas and Minneapolis.

“We’re a brand that sets the trends, we’re not a mom-and-pop salon that follows the trends,” says Maria Cavard, General Manager for Camille Albane. “We’re actually a brand that not only has our own products, we also put out new collections twice a year to coincide with Paris Fashion Week. We’re very connected with what our client wants, and she wants to know what the next haircut is going to be, what the next color is going to be. We bring a lot to the table.”

One of the key factors that sets us apart from other brands is the extraordinary VIP treatment we offer to every customer who walks through our doors. Our mission is to pamper every client, whether she’s coming in for a Balayage color treatment, updating her style based on our twice-yearly trend-setting collections or having her make-up done for a special event.

Every client gets a personal assistant who takes her bag and her coat, slips her into a clean robe and brings her an espresso or tea, a French chocolate and a magazine until she can meet with her stylist. After a 15- to 20-minute consultation, her stylist will create a unique look designed expressly for her.

Camille Albane salon franchises serve tea and espresso in specially imported

Camille Albane salon franchises serve tea and espresso in specially imported

We have created a unique experience that builds customer loyalty to the Camille Albane brand, which drives revenues for our franchisees.

Camille Albane is backed by 60-year-old parent company Dessange International, which is spearheading U.S. expansion efforts as Dessange Group North America. Our parent company also owns leading European salon franchise Dessange Paris as well as Fantastic Sams, an affordable full-service salon franchise that is the largest of its kind in the U.S. and a leading provider of color services. Combined, the brands have more than 2,000 salon franchises worldwide.

The $75 million salon franchise industry continues to grow at about 8% a year, mostly driven by increased demand for color services. Camille Albane is a leading provider of color services, and our salons specialize in Balayage, a state-of-the-art color technique.

Our reputation for upscale beauty services and VIP client care flagged us as a brand worth investing in for hair salon franchise veteran John Prichard.

“As we thought about the possibilities in Minneapolis, we realized the premium salon category was very fragmented,” says John, who opened his first Camille Albane with wife, Patti, in July. “We tested the market, and we saw inconsistent service levels. There’s a good opportunity for a premium salon brand to become established here.”

Learn more about Camille Albane

Camille Albane salon franchise was founded in Paris 20 years ago and now has nearly 300 salons in 11 countries worldwide. Our salons offer the best and latest in hair care, including fashion-forward styles and cutting-edge systems like the Balayage color technique. We also provide make-up, manicures and pedicures, and an array of customized retail products.

Unlike salon franchises that merely follow the latest fashions, Camille Albane sets the trends, releasing two new collections each year in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week. We’re seeking franchisees who love design and understand the upscale salon niche to help us grow our brand in the United States. To find out more about Camille Albane franchise opportunities, please explore our research pages and our blog. Fill out this form or call us at 855-821-2436 to start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you!

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