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Camille Albane Franchise Salon Experience Keeps Guests On Site Longer, Boosts Sales

Posted Jun 20th, 2016

From consulting with stylists to reviewing the new colors and makeup shades in the latest collection, the upselling opportunities abound

Many guests at a Camille Albane salon franchise say the experience is akin to a mini vacation, and with good reason. Every detail around their cut and color is seen to by trained professionals, and the salon’s “wraparound” care experience is soothing and relaxing.

Camille Albane’s proprietary line of hair care and styling products, as well as cosmetics, gives stylists the opportunity to increase the ticket total of every visitor.

“We know that our guests are busy people, and stylists know that, as well,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “At the same time, they have come to a Camille Albane salon franchise because they want to take the time to get a trend-right look. They want a high-quality experience, and they want collaboration. That means promoting the products and services that only can be found at Camille Albane.”

Paris-runway styles and colors

Owning a Camille Albane salon franchise means being an innovator in the local marketplace. There are hair salons in every price range, but none with the total package of products and services that Camille Albane brings.

“Our franchise owners are men and women who have a proven track record of success, and with Camille Albane they’ve seen the chance to bring something truly unique to their city,” Linda explains. “We provide collections twice a year that come directly from Paris, and our training makes sure that all stylists are ready to offer those cuts and colors right away. Guests know when those collections arrive, and they are eager to come in and get a full makeover. They love the chance to be ahead of the style curve, and the salon owner and staff are able to boost sales significantly.”

Take-home shampoos and more

In-between collections, there is also a myriad of other ways for a Camille Albane salon franchise’s staff to increase ticket totals. From offering color using the Balayage process to putting together a makeup palette to go with the new hair shade, stylists are able to work with every client to provide a full makeover.

“Because our products are branded, when a woman finds a certain eyeshadow or blusher shade she loves, she will only be able to find it at our salons,” Linda says. “That means our salons get steady business from clientele in between cut and color visits. Having these multiple client interactions, rather than just seeing them during regular salon visits, allows for a good relationship to be built, which results in referrals and even more business. Camille Albane is set up to maximize client relationships while also raising ticket totals, and we do so very successfully.”


The Camille Albane salon franchise concept is pioneering the upscale salon and beauty experience in the United States.

Camille Albane is one of the largest European hair salon franchises and is the first to bring authentic French beauty services to the United States. With nearly 300 salons in more than 11 countries, Camille Albane is known for its upscale customer experience, Balayage color techniques and for creating fashion-forward trends rather than just following the latest fads. The Camille Albane franchise fills a wide-open niche between value salon brands and high-priced luxury brands.

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