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Camille Albane Franchise Has a U.S. Distribution Facility — Why That Matters

Posted May 17th, 2016

A core business owner fear? Running out of goods and losing clients because of low inventory. Camille Albane owners don’t have to worry.

One way a Camille Albane salon franchise stands out is by offering its own, French-made line of hair and beauty products. Clients love the exclusivity factor, and franchise owners and stylists love the higher ticket totals and increased revenue.

High demand can mean product shortages for other salons, but not for Camille Albane. Our U.S. distribution facility ensures that products are never far away from salon shelves. No matter how well a shampoo, conditioner, eye shadow, blush or any other product sells, more is just a phone call or email away.


Every Camille Albane salon franchise carries an exclusive array of hair and beauty products.

Product restocking is quick and easy

“If owners notice that supplies are getting low in a popular shampoo, all they have to do is get in touch with us, and more is on the way,” says Susan Peace, Senior Director of Retail Beauty Products. “There’s no dealing with a third-party vendor’s warehouse or shipping system. We are set up to work with our franchise owners and provide them with the products sold at each Camille Albane salon.

Once they are blended and packaged in France, Camille Albane products are shipped to a facility in Massachusetts. Easy access to major airports and ground transportation means that products can quickly make their way across the country to salons.

“We have worked not only to make sure that we have all the products every Camille Albane salon franchise sells every day, but also that they don’t have to wait any longer than necessary for a shipment,” Susan says. “Once they place an order, it’s filled and out the door right away. They’re not waiting for some other customer to get out of the way. They are always first in line.”

Camille Albane ticket price

Closed loop for inventory helps control costs

Another way our distribution facility helps Camille Albane salon franchise owners is by making inventory a predictable part of business expenses. Because Camille Albane branded products are part of the franchise system, costs are easy to take into consideration, Susan adds.

“An independent salon owner is at the mercy of manufacturers and distributors — who could change prices and shipping costs at any time,” Susan says. “Because we are supplying a Camille Albane salon franchise owner with our own products, the costs and shipping are detailed within our franchise agreement.”

It’s an important differentiator, and a solid way that Camille Albane can compete effectively in the upscale salon market, where many owners run well-established independent salons.

“What’s more, our owners also don’t have to deal with back orders or waiting behind a lot of other customers, as they would with an outside vendor,” she says. “By creating its own products, and then handling shipping and distribution, Camille Albane has created a closed-loop inventory system that is hugely beneficial to owners in many ways.”

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