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Camille Albane Brand Appeals to Adventurous Entrepreneurs

Posted May 19th, 2016

A new-to-America brand with a unique approach to the beauty market is custom-made for business professionals who value innovation

The beauty industry is defined, more than anything else, by the desire to see, feel and be something new. The Camille Albane salon franchise opportunity represents that in the United States, and forward-thinking innovators are getting in early.

“While the Camille Albane name is well known in France and throughout Europe, it’s new here,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “We are a new player in the upscale salon space, and we’re bringing a lot of differentiators, such as the concept of French beauty and annual collections to the United States. We have a lot to offer with this brand, and we’re looking for partners who want to be in the beauty industry but who also want to pioneer a concept rather than open up another independent salon in their market.”

A worthy addition to investment portfolios

The Camille Albane salon franchise concept plays well for business people who have a track record of success in franchise or other business ownership. Why? Because Camille Albane knows how to capture market share and how to accentuate the differences between their offerings and the competition’s.

“While we are a new name in the upscale salon market, there are plenty of local players in every city,” Linda explains. “For the most part, those are independent salons. Another locally owned salon in town isn’t that big a deal. But a Camille Albane salon franchise brings with it a background of success in Europe, a full line of branded products and much more. It’s different right out of the gate, and that’s of huge value.”


The Camille Albane salon franchise look and feel is unlike anything in the U.S. upscale salon market.

Groundwork and business model in place

Another point that’s not lost on savvy professionals is that with Camille Albane, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

A Camille Albane salon franchise comes with built-in efficiencies, thanks to a supportive team that helps with everything from stylist training to inventory management.

“We’ve done all the work, so the owner can focus on running his or her salon,” Linda says. “Our Camille Albane franchise owners are able to focus on growing their salon profile within the community and on bringing in clients. Once that starts, word of mouth helps grow the business base, and we’re there to offer support in every way that matters. Opening an independent salon is a risky proposition. Camille Albane removes that uncertainty and allows owners to focus their energy on building a successful business.”

Learn more about the Camille Albane franchise opportunity

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