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Are You a Good Fit for a Camille Albane Franchise Opportunity?

Posted Mar 31st, 2016

A solid history of business success, coupled with a desire to broaden an existing portfolio, will allow for success in this unique niche offering

Many salons are owned by current or former stylists, and they bring a great deal of flair and pizzazz to their operations. In the case of a Camille Albane salon franchise, however, ownership can work out beautifully for someone whose salon experience is only as a client.

“Many of our owners have multiple business interests, none of which are in the beauty industry,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “They see a Camille Albane salon franchise as an excellent way to add diversity and value to their portfolio.”


Every Camille Albane salon franchise offers a full line of cosmetics made in France specifically for Camille Albane.

‘Manage the manager’ model allows for collaboration

A Camille Albane salon franchise is sited in a desirable location and is set up for a manager to handle day-to-day operations. That means he or she is on hand to handle staffing issues, inventory, financials and all the other normal operations. This combination of the manager’s salon management experience and the owner’s business acumen makes for a winning team. The owner acts as a strong leader who manages profitability and strategy, but who knows that the business is in good hands.

“Successful business people have a lot going on and therefore need to be able to delegate where necessary,” Linda says. “A Camille Albane salon franchise is designed to have a strong manager on premises, and he or she acts as the owner’s surrogate. The two are in steady communication, whether that’s by phone, email or scheduled visits, so the owner is never out of the loop.”

Salon is one part of diversified portfolio

ombre-Brun-track-compoBecause a Camille Albane salon franchise is unique in its market, often the only one in a city or even a state, it adds diversity and value to the owner’s portfolio. That, too, is a strong selling point.

“Many owners are looking for a business that’s unique, but that also is time-tested and able to withstand economic downturns and other market forces,” Linda says. “Camille Albane has proven its value over the years in Europe, where it is a mature and successful market leader. Franchise locations are owned by both men and women, by beauty-industry professionals and those who operate in entirely different industry sectors. It really is a remarkable opportunity for someone who’s already well established in business to expand into a new and profitable niche.”

Learn more about the Camille Albane franchise opportunity

For in-depth details about the Camille Albane hair salon franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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