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5 Reasons to Join the Camille Albane Hair Salon Franchise

Posted Oct 21st, 2014

Attention to French beauty, exquisite guest service make Camille Albane a winning hair salon franchise

The Camille Albane hair salon franchise is backed by 60-year-old parent company Dessange International, which is spearheading U.S. expansion efforts as Dessange Group North America.

As a pioneer in the worldwide $75-billion-a-year hair care industry, the Camille Albane hair salon franchise is already well-known in Europe for making French beauty accessible and attainable. Now, we’re growing the Camille Albane brand across the United States, and that equals opportunity for forward-thinking franchise buyers. Our first American franchised salons have been met with generous praise and media attention — and there are many more salons to come.

As we take off in the U.S. market, we’re determined to recreate our European market dominance here, and we’re looking for single and multi-unit franchise partners to help fulfill this vision.

Here are five reasons why there’s never been a better time to join the Camille Albane hair salon franchise.

We help every woman be the most beautiful version of herself

Camille Albane salons in Paris naturally excel at helping customers meet the highest French standard for style and beauty. Our salons in the U.S. are no different. It is the mission of our brand to ensure that every woman feels more beautiful and confident when she leaves our salon than when she came in — but to always, always feel like a beautiful and authentic version of herself. The Camille Albane look is not about forcing every client to conform to a specific mold; it is about freeing them from those constraints and helping them discover their own natural beauty.

Our guest services put us in a league of our own

At Camille Albane, we make every client feel like royalty. We have carved out a unique niche in the marketplace with our attentive client care, our biannual make-up and hair collections and our proprietary hair-care innovations. Although we are an upscale brand, we offer incredible value. The pampering, relaxation and complete satisfaction a client experiences at a Camille Albane hair salon franchise are usually only found at much pricier salons — salons that charge $200 or more for a haircut, more than twice what Camille Albane charges.

Camille Albane specializes in today’s hottest color treatment

Camille Albane hair salon franchises offer the best and latest in hair care, including fashion-forward styles and cutting-edge systems like the Balayage color technique.

Camille Albane hair salon franchises offer the best and latest in hair care, including fashion-forward styles and cutting-edge systems like the Balayage color technique.

Balayage — arguably one of the most-requested color services in the world — is a longtime Camille Albane hair salon franchise specialty. This French technique of hand-painting highlights onto the hair creates such a beautiful and natural effect that it has become the hottest trend. Balayage is practiced in many salons, but it was pioneered and perfected in ours.

We stack the deck for success with high-level experience

In the French tradition, young men and women begin training early in their chosen career fields, achieving mastery at a younger age. At Camille Albane we recruit experienced, dedicated people who are passionate about their craft. Our Paris-trained educators work with them twice a year to make sure they stay abreast of the latest styles and techniques. Stylists who are just out of cosmetology school train as apprentices, working as assistants and learning the intricate details of our client-care protocol before they can work their way up to a hairdresser position.

No other hair salon franchise is bringing French beauty to the U.S.

Camille Albane is bringing unparalleled prestige and sophistication to the hair salon franchise industry. Camille Albane’s French heritage and 20-year legacy of excellence in global beauty brings chic and trendy hair and make-up looks straight from Paris. As a member of the Dessange International group of salon franchises, we are internationally recognized for our elite expertise in styling and coloring techniques. French beauty trends — our specialty — lead the fashion and hair-care industries, and now that leadership will be present on American soil. No other hair salon franchise in the U.S. does what we do.

Learn more about Camille Albane

Camille Albane is a hair salon franchise that was founded in Paris 20 years ago and now has nearly 300 salons in 11 countries worldwide. Our salons offer the best and latest in hair care, including fashion-forward styles and cutting-edge systems like the Balayage color technique. We also provide make-up, manicures and pedicures, and an array of customized retail products.

Unlike salon franchises that merely follow the latest fashions, the Camille Albane franchise sets the trends, releasing two new collections each year in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week. We’re seeking franchisees who love design and understand the upscale salon niche to help us grow our brand in the United States. To find out more about Camille Albane franchise opportunities, please explore our research pages and our blog. Fill out this form or call us at 855-821-2436 to start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you!

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