Authentic French Hair Salon Franchise

Camille Albane Hair Salon Franchise

Leading European hair salon franchise makes French beauty accessible to American customers

When women want to see how to look beautiful, they most often turn to France. French beauty trends lead the fashion and hair-care industries for good reason – French women make looking stunning effortless.

Camille Albane is the leading French hair salon franchise with nearly 300 locations throughout Europe; it is part of the larger Dessange International network that also includes the luxury Dessange Paris and value-oriented Fantastic Sams salon brands. Combined, the brands have nearly 2,000 locations in 40 countries. Camille Albane, a household name in upscale beauty salons in Europe, is now expanding into the United States.

Hair salon franchise industry growth
Our upscale salon franchises celebrate the expression of every client’s unique beauty through hair, make-up, nail services and retail products. Camille Albane salons have become known throughout Europe over the past 20 years as the place where customers can count on both a trend-setting style and VIP treatment. Now, as we expand the brand into the United States, we are looking to partner with franchise owners to establish our leadership in the proven and sustainable luxury segment of the beauty salon industry.

The advantage of our salon franchise business model

Our value proposition is to make authentic French beauty and services accessible to the modern American customer, and to offer them in such a way that our salons really stand out. If you walk into most high-end salons where customers are spending $200 or more on a haircut, the service experience is not that different from what you might find at an affordable or value-priced salon. You might be offered a drink, a hand massage, a magazine and a chance to have a quick chat with the stylist before they start in on your hair.

At Camille Albane we do things in a noticeably different way. From the moment the customer steps in the door, they can expect to be pampered and treated like a VIP. We start with assigning them an assistant who stores their bags, coat and umbrella and gives them a hygienic warm-pressed white salon robe to wear during their visit. There are no ugly black capes at Camille Albane! Our robes are absolutely pristine and give the luxurious feeling of being at a spa, and what’s best is that the experience of being listened to and pampered is only the beginning.

We always greet our guests with an herbal tea or espresso delivered in our signature Camille Albane china cups, and then serve them an authentic French pastry or biscuit. They can then expect an in-depth consultation with their highly trained stylist, who takes great care to understand all that our customer desires.

The spa-like experience continues as we gently wash the customer’s hair in one of our imported Italian shampoo bowls. Meanwhile, they enjoy a shiatsu massage from our imported Italian chairs and a scalp massage with a floral essence designed to help them relax and enjoy the experience. We attend to the customer with any service they wish — manicure and pedicure if needed, and even make-up. When they walk out, they have the best cut, style and color money can buy, and they feel great about the way they look. Looking better than they thought they could makes customers confident about themselves, and they leave with a smile.

Hair salon franchise opportunities for success

The average woman spends about $50,000 on her hair during her lifetime. According to a 2010 survey by TRESemme, and 83% of the women surveyed said their investment was worth every penny. Presumably they would continue that level of spending and recommend the same to their friends and family.

Stay on the cutting edge of style with a Camille Albane hair salon franchiseCamille Albane’s target client is predominantly a trendy, sophisticated woman aged 25-45. She is as comfortable in vintage as she is in designer or mainstream. If the client is male, he’s very fashion-forward and cares about maintaining a signature look. The Camille Albane client is confident, successful and willing and able to spend what they need to project the right image, whether they’re a store clerk or a super model. If they’re satisfied they promote the brand to their network of colleagues, friends and family.

Why now is the right time to invest in a Camille Albane franchise

Camille Albane, which opened its U.S. flagship salon on Boston’s fashionable Newbury Street in 2013, is a sophisticated salon franchise known for cutting-edge hairstyles, state-of-the-art color techniques, hair and scalp treatments, manicures, make-up applications. We make every client feel like a VIP. We have carved out a unique niche in the salon marketplace with our attentive client care protocol, our biannual make-up and hair collections and, of course, our proprietary hair-care innovations.

“We’re not just a brand, we’re a brand that creates our own techniques — techniques you’ve never seen before and that you can’t get anywhere else,” says Maria Cavard, General Manager of Camille Albane in North America. “For instance, we invented the Balayage technique — painting of the hair without foil. No one does it better than us, and every woman who comes in and has it done never wants to go back to highlights with foil.”

Stylist at one of our hair salon franchisesThe technique can cost hundreds of dollars at exclusive European salons, but the same process is much more affordable at Camille Albane. While clearly not a discount provider, Camille Albane seeks to be an “affordable luxury” for our target demographic. Color services are increasingly important as Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers are spending more to look younger, while younger customers are spending more money to express themselves with fun, funky experimental hair color. In our industry, color is a big driver behind an 8% growth in sales each year.

We provide franchisees with a powerful visual brand identity with the backing of our parent company Dessange International’s network of more than 2,000 salons in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Far fewer than 1% of franchise companies ever grow to 1,000 units. If franchisees weren’t making money, getting the training and support they need, and reinvesting into opening more salons, we could not have opened that many. Most of our salons are owned by multi-unit operators.

Our franchisees can be successful with our brand even if they come to us with no previous salon experience. We are looking for entrepreneurs. You can count on us for training and on-demand support, including marketing, operations, styling and financial advice.

As leaders in fashion and beauty, Camille Albane franchisees receive invitations to the Prestige Show during Paris Fashion Week and more. They’ll have access to our innovative product line, which is manufactured exclusively for Camille Albane and available for salon retail sales to increase average ticket price and customer loyalty.

Camille Albane franchise style

Startup costs for a Camille Albane franchise are typically $350,000, and franchise candidates should have a minimum liquidity of $100,000 and a net worth of at least $450,000. We are seeking franchisees who love design and understand the upscale salon niche — salons like Regis and Aveda.

While there are a lot of branded low-price providers in hair care (such as Supercuts, Great Clips, and Hair Cuttery), the upscale salon niche is highly fragmented and dominated by independent salons who generally do not have the business sophistication, marketing savvy, research and development, and training for stylists to stay current and relevant for the long haul.

That makes this an excellent time to become a Camille Albane franchisee. We are opening salons in the Southwest and Midwest and are looking to grow our footprint in metro markets throughout the U.S.

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